Self Defense

What is Self Defense?

Self Defense is simply put – a curriculum of physical and mental preparation specifically designed to deal with potential real life attack scenarios.

Self Defense Training is a topic of great personal interest to me and a major part of the decision that crafted the name of this company. I firmly believe that everyone should engage themselves in learning to physically defend themselves. While it would be a phenomenal achievement for us as a human race to eliminate violence and see all physical assaults and bullying removed from public life – we are not there yet, and in reality are a lot further from that status than anyone in politics would like to admit.

There are several places wherein a person can train in the local area – and schools vary from sport focused to MMA focused to Self Defense focused. A simple google search will find all three of these. I encourage everyone to look into means of defending themselves physically.

WWW.CRIMEREPORTS.ORG is a great website, I encourage you to check out the information it contains. These are the publicly released crimes and you may drill down to any address, street, city, county, etc you wish.

There are a number of specific criteria that differentiate the instruction of self defense material from a blended curriculum often employed at many martial arts schools. Self Defense and skill sets that specifically allow a person to function both under significant load (physical and mental) and while experiencing the effects of Adrenaline Dump are extremely rigorous both for the instructors as well as the students…which is why most schools do not engage in instructing this aspect of the curriculum with as much vigor as competition and sport applications are explored. Physicality must mirror realistic street combat scenarios to properly train a student to be able to function in that environment at the maximum level of efficacy.

Self Defense Coursework should address:

  • Mental Preparation
    • Mindset – Intent
    • Mindset – Survival
    • Mindset – Context and Awareness
  • FBI and Law Enforcement Data display measurable assault profiles.
  • Physical Skill Set Development to build skills that specifically address common assault profiles.
    • Male vs. Male Assault Profiles
    • Male vs. Female Assault Profiles
    • Female vs. Female Assault Profiles
    • Multiple Attacker Scenarios
  • Combat Ranges
    • Body Manipulation
    • Striking Attacks
    • Defense vs. Weapons (Bladed & Non-Bladed)
  • Adrenal Stress Training
    • Effects of Adrenaline on Motor Skills and how Adrenaline Dump affects your ability to think in combat.
    • Progressive training with difficulty and pressure levels raised over time to develop the ability to function under Adrenaline Dump Syndrome(TM).
    • Instructors should be well versed in the effects of ADS and how to address and counsel the student to mentally accept and deal with the reality and discomfort the training brings to the equation.


As this is a significantly important topic and we believe strongly in the ability to defend one’s self, we will be glad to evaluate any local martial arts or self defense program to determine if their coursework meets the goals for teaching Self Defense as a majority of their curriculum. Any school that meets these criteria will be listed here.

United Martial Arts Self Defense Academy
A Division of UMASDA, Inc. A 501C3 California Non-Profit Corporation

Evaluated & Certified January 2015

 To submit a local organization (Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz counties only) to be added to this list, email and arrange an evaluation.