Let’s Help Edmund!


This campaign is designed to directly and solely benefit Ed Parker II to defray some of the costs of medical bills and related expenses. All proceeds will go directly to him.

Multiple health issues are plaguing Ed, financial burdens place massive stress on top of dealing with the serious health conditions he is currently fighting.

By raising some financial support to help him with the situation he is fighting, we will provide a measure of security and help him see a brighter day ahead.

Ed has given thousands of hours of his time to the martial arts community – through his art work, his Paxtial Arts movement, and various seminars and classes he has led over the years. It is our intention through this campaign to show him that his efforts have been recognized and we all care about him as a person in addition to what he’s given us.

If everyone he’s interacted with over the years could find it in their hearts to skip the starbucks for one day – we’d raise more than he needs currently and help him find a measure of peace in his turmoil.

Thank you for your consideration.